Grad 2017 Advisors

Mr. Lobo

Mrs. Levesque

Mr. Huxley


Grad 2018

 Sept 18, 2017 


  • Class of 2018 eligibility - student handbook -pg8/9

  1. Northern Gateway Administrative procedures

AP 366 High school graduation ceremonies

By September 30, (2017) the principal shall establish a date

Traditionally the date has been the last operating school day of the year.

Grad 2018 tentatively set as FRIDAY JUNE 29

Commencement -cap and gown - @school at 330pm

Banquet and Dance - @ ARENA ??  at 530 pm


  • Potential other dates and the principals rationale


I have seen a marked drop off of academic activity for many students after May long weekend. Unfortunately due to the grad being held at the end of June,the regular drop off in work is compounded by the “excitement “of the year end grad, which increases the drop off in work effort of SOME  (MANY)  grade 12 students at OJSH

I am proposing that  first we have a student/parent  and administration meeting on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2017 @ 7pm

At that time 2 proposals will be discussed.

  1. Keep grad and banquet on same day that's tentatively scheduled- Friday June 29, 2017

Commencement  at OJSH @330pm / Banquet  at Arena?? @530

  1. Propose an EARLIER grad day  on a Saturday

Saturday choices would be

2a) Saturday May 26- Commencement  at OJSH @230 pm/ Banquet  at Arena?? @530

2b)  Saturday June 2 - Commencement  at OJSH @230 pm/ Banquet  at Arena?? @530

People would have the opportunity to have their say on a google form, as well as at the meeting.


minimum of 60 credits , and enrolled in the 2 required diploma courses  (English 30-1/-2 AND Social 30-1/-2 ) In sem 1 OR sem 2

4) Student Grad Committee- elections September 25- next monday at NOON

Nominations open on Thursday September 21 - President / Vice President

The president and vice president will determine the actual makeup of the committee.

5) Grad Parent Committee- TBD