Scholarships & Bursaries

 Attention Gr. 12 students!  Exciting scholarships & bursaries.

Alberta scholarship and award deadlines and applications:

Scholarships & Awards Deadlines: 

It's important for students to leave as much time as possible to complete their scholarship applications. Many scholarships and awards have annual deadlines - and some have fall/winter session deadlines. 

Alberta's scholarships and awards are made available either by:

  1. Student Application- Student must complete and submit application.
  2. Nomination of Recipients- School/supporting organization must nominate and process application on behalf of the student.

Note: For nominated scholarships and awards, students must inquire about the school’s/sponsoring organization’s posted application deadline. This deadline typically falls months before the nomination deadline which is in place for the school/sponsoring organization to submit their nominations to Student Aid.


The deadlines for submitting completed applications and supporting documents required to apply for Alberta scholarships and awards varies according to each scholarship and award. 



This recently launched new website (  helps students find and apply for scholarships.

The site was created with the intent to help reduce student debt, which many students have to take on for post-secondary education. streamlines the scholarship process for students; all they have to do is create a simple profile and based on the information they provide (including school, field of interest, volunteer experience etc.)  we will match them to all of the scholarships that they qualify for.  ScholarTree is 100% free to students!

The Royal Canadian Legion

Attention any and all graduating High School students.  The Royal Canadian Legion has bursaries available for students graduating from Canadian high schools.  The bursaries are available at both the Provincial and Local Branch level.    Visit the counselling office to get the website address or more information.  


The Alberta Beach Agriculture Society

- is offering a $2000 scholarship for a student entering in to a minimum  2 year post secondary program. More information is in the counselling office. Deadline for applications is May 31!


Student Opportunities

  • AFS Interculture Canada - offers opportunities for students to study in another country.  Scholarships are also available.  If you are interested - see one of the counsellors.
  • Summer Camps - Call to Duty Youth Camp - students interested in Emergency Response, Police, Fire fighting should apply.  The camp takes place July 3-5 in Stony Plain and is free to students in grades 8 -12. See Constable Javer or one of the counsellors for an application and more information.   Deadline to apply is May 14, 2018

Post-Secondary and Other Visits to OJSH


NAIT - April 17

Money Mentors - April 18

Please see Mrs. Dundas to sign up.



University of Alberta : Online Chat Dates

We invite you  to attend our online group chats throughout the year. They are held from 5pm-7pm MST. These chats allow students to sign in from the comfort of their own home and ask real-time questions to University of Alberta advisors.

Our 2017-18 chat dates are:
-May 2, 2018
-July 25, 2018

If you are attending the U of A in the fall you are STRONGLY encouraged to take part in one of their registration workshops. Go to to register for a session.

Rural Student Discovery Day will be held May 11.  Register at  These are great opportunities!!MacEwan University - March 28


BRING YOUR PARENTS! Students should go on the attached website and register for these informative sessions -

  • The School of Skilled Trades Program Preview

                  April 21, 2018