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Twin Day

On Friday, April 13th, OJSH Student Council held a Twin Day. Students and staff were encouraged to dress up as identical twins – clothes, hair, and accessories were all co-ordinated to get the “twin effect”.

At lunch on Friday, twins paraded around the foyer staircase and were awarded prizes by the judges – Mrs. McNalley, Mr. Huxley and Mr. Lobo.  There were three prize categories:  the best of the girls, the best of the boys and the best mixed duo. Tasha Davis and Rita Dufour won the girls’ prize while lone male contestants Tyler Perneel and Colby Mahon too home the boys’ award. Actual fraternal twins Darrien and Donavin Wagner took home the mixed duo prize. Mr. and Mrs. Walker received an honourable mention from the judges for being the only staff members to enter the contest.


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