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OJSH Student Council Host Christmas Week Activities

OJSH Student Council planned a number of activities during the lead up to Christmas holidays. The Hunger Games and Spirit Week ran simultaneously as students and staff contributed to the food bank and enjoyed festive activities and competitions.

Each day of the last week of school, Block 1 classes brought a different non-perishable food stuff to the collection point. One of OJSH’s EAs, Mr. Huxley, counted up the items brought in every day and, at the end of the week, was able to declare the winner – Mr. Daly’s Grade 8-3 class. This class will receive a pizza party in the New Year as a reward for their efforts.

Throughout the week, the Student Council sold Candy Grams – candy canes – during the lunch break. These candy grams were delivered by student council members on Thursday during block 3. Everyone enjoyed the excitement of receiving a special treat from a special friend.

On Monday, there was the favourite “Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest”. Both staff and students wore their funniest or ugliest Christmas sweater to start off the week right.

On Tuesday was the another annual favourite activity: Mr. Lobo’s  Turkey Shoot. Junior High boys and girls and Senior High boys and girls entered to shoot hoops to win a turkey. There was a gym full of contenders and we are fortunate that our gym has so many basketball hoops that everyone who entered was able to have several tries to get the most baskets. The winners were for Senior Boys: Darian Hall; for Senior Girls: Kendall Prokuda; for Junior Boys: Blake Sargeant; and for Junior Girls: Jordyn Muir. Each of the winners took home a frozen turkey to enjoy during Christmas.

On Wednesday, the Block 1, Day 1 classes vied for the best Decorated Door. Each class determined a theme and decorated their classroom door using a variety of materials including lights. There were so many great doors that the judges had a hard time determining the winners during the lunch break. Ultimately, however, the winners were declared: Mrs. McNalley’s room won the first prize pizza party for her door. Her class not only decorated the classroom door but set up a Christmas tableau - including a skating rink - inside the classroom that you saw as you peered in through the window. In second place was Mrs. Caux’s gingerbread cottage themed door and windows and in third place was Mr. Blount’s beautiful Christmas tree door.

On Thursday, it was Christmas Hat day. Staff and students donned Christmas hats, antlers and tinsel for the day. On Friday, students and some staff wore their favourite pjs for Pajama Day. Student Council showed a  Christmas movie at noon in the Drama Pit for finale of Spirit Week.

Staff and students of OJSH wish everyone a safe and merry Christmas and all the best for a healthy and prosperous New Year.






OJSH Student Council Host Christmas Week Activities


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