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Parent –Teacher Interviews and School Council Food Drive Held

When parents and teachers have the opportunity to meet and talk, it helps to create a positive relationship that results in everyone working together for the child’s best interests. For the parent, the interview will offer a better understanding about their child’s academic, emotional, social and physical development at school. In addition, teachers can explain such things as homework expectations, suggest strategies that can be done to improve student performance, and explain how curriculum outcomes will be met.

The evening of September 21st  from 5 to 8 pm , Onoway Junior Senior High School held the first of four Parent-Teacher Interviews held throughout the year. This first one, an informal Parent-Teacher Interview, was held upstairs in the Learning Commons. It was an opportunity for staff and parents to meet each other, discuss their student’s progress, and get to know each other better in an informal, comfortable setting. The successful turn-out of parents was gratifying to see.

Adding to the evening, the OJSH School Council had a table at the entrance to the Learning Commons, holding a special food drive. Members of the School Council took turns manning the table, collecting food and monetary donations for the OJSH Breakfast Nook. School Council in conjunction with OJSH Administration, supply various types of bread, peanut butter, jams, granola bars, juice and other quick food snacks for students who do not take the time or have the means to have breakfast or a nutritious snack. Studies show that students who have breakfast are better able to pay attention in class. Additionally, some students stay late at school for clubs or sports activities and benefit from a quick snack that will keep their energy levels up. The Breakfast Nook – located in the Wraparound area – is a very popular and well-used service.

The School Council is composed of OJSH parents invested in the school community - as School Council Treasurer Christine Peck says: “We are here to help students and staff succeed.”  OJSH is fortunate to have such an energetic and engaged School Council.


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