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Outdoor Ed 2017 Fall Camp

Very early on the morning of Friday, September 22, sixteen OJSH students along with supervisors Mrs. Elliott and Mr. Van Camp boarded a bus that would take them to this year’s fall outdoor education camp. The Outdoor Ed camp is located at Black Cat Guest Ranch - a woodland lodge with Rocky Mountain views that is located between Hinton and Jasper National Park. The three days gave the students a variety of weather- everything from warm and sunny to cloudy and rainy.

The students and supervisors spent the three days with the knowledgeable and certified instructors from Inroads Mountain Sports, learning about first aid in the wilderness. OJSH students were given various mountain wilderness emergency scenarios and were led through the processes of aiding and helping those needing emergency help. These scenarios took place outside in as realistic circumstances as possible. When the three days were over, all students had achieved their Wilderness First Aid certificate.

In addition to wilderness first aid, students were also required to complete a research project on the Canadian fur trade as well as research about subsistence living in the early 1900s, wildlife trends and their effects on society, and Alberta ecosystems.  In total, the students earned 3 CTS credits for the trip.

The boys in the Outdoor Ed adventure even set up a large 8-person tent in the classroom and slept there.

One participant, grade 12 student Kennedy Lind said that she would “absolutely, 100%” recommend this Outdoor Ed adventure to any student. She said that you really get to know your fellow participants, even if you hadn’t really talked to them at school. Kennedy also said that the Inroads staff are great and they helped to make the whole experience very worthwhile and fun.

The next Outdoor Education trip is expected to be in the coming spring. There will be a variety of different experiences for the students to enjoy and learn as each Outdoor Education trip emphasizes a different aspect of outdoor life.


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