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OJSH Winter Concert a Resounding Success

On Thursday evening, December 7th, OJSH held their annual Winter Concert. The large gym was packed, chairs as well as the bleachers, as parents, students, staff and community members enjoyed an evening of fine music and an art show.

The OJSH Bands with members from Grade 8 to Grade 12, including the Honours Band, played selections that they have been practicing and fine-tuning for the last several weeks. Each selection was greeted with pleasure and applause by the audience. Two selections were especially well received: La Tregenda by Puccini was wonderfully executed by the High School Band and the Grade 9 band beautifully performed Tanoan Echoes by Robert W. Smith.

Mrs. Anderson, Band conductor and teacher, said that she and the students were excited about the huge turnout for their concert and added that she was pleased at how far all the bands had progressed in their musical ability.

In conjunction with the Winter Concert, the OJSH Art classes showcased their finest works. The artworks displayed were from Mrs. Walker’s Grade 8 to Grade 12 students.  The majority of art shown was paintings and clay works. The Art Show, which has become an annual event in conjunction with the Winter Concert, was very well received by those in attendance. Many parents and community members expressed praise for the artists and their talents.

The evening was a wonderful way to start the month of December and the Christmas Season.


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