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Teaching Assignment Changes for Semester Two

Here are the teaching assignment changes for semester 2:

1) The new part-time teacher for semester 2 is Mr. David Butler. Mr. Butler will be teaching P.Ed. 8 ( 2 sections), Social Studies 10-2 and  English 10-2. He will be using the gym and Room 164 for classes.

2) Math 10C: There will be 2 sections in Block 3 with Mr. Blount and Mrs. Elliott teaching. This had been one large class that we are splitting it into 2 smaller ones to ensure student success in meeting curricular outcomes.

3) Math 10-3: Mr Missfeldt will be the teacher - the class will be held in Room 204 in Block 3.

4) Math 20-3: Scheduled for Block 4, this large class has been split between Mrs. McNalley and Mr. Bellerose with each teacher having a smaller class.

5) Sr. K and E Math: Mr. Bellerose and Mr. Lobo will be co-teaching this class in Block 3.

6) Mrs. Caux’s  Eng. 10-1 class was very large. We randomly split the large 10-1 class into two classes. Now, Mrs. Barr Stierman and Mrs. Caux both have a smaller English 10-1 class.

7) Mr. Butler is teaching the English 10-2 class originally scheduled to Mrs. Barr Stierman 

8)  Mr. Daly originally had a large Social Studies 10-1 class. The large class was randomly spli . Now, Mr. Daly and Mr. Rohatyn both have a smaller Social10-1 class. Mr. Butler is teaching the Social 10-2 class originally scheduled to Mr Rohatyn.

 These changes will be reflected in students’ PowerSchool timetables for Semester 2.


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